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If you could work at any hospital or clinic in the nation, where would it be? For me, I'd die to either work at Mass Gen, Johns Hopkins, Harborview, or Brigham and Women's. You?... Read More

  1. by   Alisonisayoshi
    Quote from ~Melissa~
    I love that you want to be a CDE! That is my ultimate goal. My daughter is now 5, but she was diagnosed as a type 1 diabetic at 18 months old. What is your link to type 1? Just curious
    I'm a Type 1. I want to work more with T2's though because I think, personally, that T1's get an amazing education in their disease, whereas T2's get a GP doctor and some pills. That's not really fair. They actually have a much larger complication rate even though they have diabetes for less time than a T1. It's not right. It's also income based, the poorer the T2, the more likely they are to have complications. I see a genuine need in that respect for real education on how to care and manage a chronic disease. As a T1 I barely have to complain and I'm being sent off to specialists, CDE's, dieticians, pump trainers, ect. T2's don't get that. That's unfair in my book.
    In addition, I really want to do work in reducing the shame and anxiety surrounding both T1's & T2's. I have been at the business end of an endo chew out over an A1C. Instead of asking whys, and what changes can we make, a diabetic often gets shamed and its so wrong! So yeah, that's my dream, to make things better for the diabetic community as a whole!
    Is you daughter pump or MDI (I'm a pumper!)?
  2. by   ~Melissa~
    Quote from Alisonisayoshi

    Is you daughter pump or MDI (I'm a pumper!)?
    My little girl is a pumper-- Pink minimed-- and has been since she was 23 months
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    I am currently waiting on acceptance into UPMC school of nursing and plan to stay within that network. They are a leading hospital with fantastic technological advances in medicine. On a personal note, I plan on working in oncology, hospice and/or pallitive care. Good luck to all in getting your employment of choice.