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While at work, I was told by my charge nurse that the techs were not suppossed to study while at work, that it had been a topic of discussion at the last nurses meeting, and that I was reported for... Read More

  1. by   bethin
    We have the same problem in the hospital where I work. A memo was put up not to study at work IF YOUR WORK IS NOT DONE. But if your work is done and you get up to answer call lights what's the big deal? I'm sure the nurses sit reading a magazine, surf the internet, make personal phone calls, etc. when they're not busy. Your studying to further your education so they should be happy. It's in their best interest to keep you happy so you will stay at the same facility when you graduate.

    I don't smoke, but I would get yelled at if I went outside to take my break. I was told that non smokers don't get breaks. Oh, did I tell them where to put it. :angryfire I still go out to take breaks and I still get someone who says "you don't smoke." I tell them it's my non smoking smoke break.

    Another thing, why don't the techs just answer the stupid call light? They get up to find you they might as well get it while their up. :angryfire
  2. by   Tweety
    Perhaps there are other students that are making it hard for you. I think that's where the "no study" policy comes from is from students abusing it.

    It does sound catty that while you do good work someone would turn you in for studying on your down time since you're such a good worker.

    A good deal of our CNA's are nursing students because we have an earn-as-you learn. I get real irritated when they are off somewhere studying and not readily available to listen to lights or I have to hunt them down in some obscure place when I need their help. Most of these guys are of the "I get my job done and do my work" sort. But no initiative and no desire to go the extra mile, and don't realize how much work they miss while huddled up in an obscure corner with their books. When at work, work should be the priority not school or the test you have next Monday.

    I have no problem with studying when all work is done, if you stay nearby and answer lights and help when things come up. I worked full time and never studied at work, and these guys work "only" 20 hours, so I have no sympathy. LOL

    But there is occasionally downtime and I see no difference between studying and those of us who surf the net, read magazines or sit around talking. So I'm not supportive of a study-ban.

    Good luck in school.
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  3. by   Daytonite
    There are many passive-aggressive people. Unlike those who are forthright, these sneaky little devils don't have the guts to say something directly to your face when they have a complaint about you. It's hard to figure out who some of them are because they are so sneaky about their tattling. The people who are tattling on you are playing their own little game to get back at you for trying to better yourself. It makes no sense whatsoever except to them. Just realize that there is at least one of these little sneaks around who objects to your studying. Her way of taking power is to report you and watch in satisfaction while you get "talked to". Sad, isn't it? You'll just have to do what your boss tells you in order to stay out of trouble.

    Consider this. Someday you may be in the position of being a supervisor or manager when someone comes to you to tattle about something one of her co-workers is doing. Think about how it could be handled. There are better ways to handle this than the way your boss did. Supervising workers is a learned skill. However, not everyone has learned all their lessons at it.