What is the difference between ADN and AAS degree?

  1. I am confused I have a bachelors degree already I am a teacher..I am changing careers...I start taking my pre reqs which i only need 2 in the summer! And then I can apply...What is the difference between ADN and AAS degree? I don't mean to sound stupid but is there a difference? Would it be beneficial for me to get an associates degree or should I go with another bachelors? I want to get out of the classroom ASAP!
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  3. by   arciedee
    Both are associate's degrees in nursing. ADN=Associate's Degree in Nursing, AAS=Associate's of Applied Science.

    I am not sure where you are, but there are accelerated baccalaureate degree programs for people who want to change careers to nursing (see list here). They seem to range from 12-24 months in general, so that might be a shorter (albeit more intense) route to nursing. Otherwise the associate's degree would serve you fine. If you were interested in furthering your education you could always bridge to the BSN later or some schools will even accept people to MSN programs if they are RNs with a baccalaureate degree in another field.

    Good luck!