What is diploma school?

  1. Can anybody explain what are diploma schools and is there any schools in illinois? Thank you!!!
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  3. by   ProfRN4
    Not sure if there are in Illinois. Check the aacn website (not the critical care one, but the American Association of colleges of Nursing (or something like that).

    Diploma schools are not as popular as they used to be (at least in NY, they're not). They are usually hospital based (as opposed to a college or university), and are usually three years in length. This grants you a Diploma, not a (college) degree. You can sit for NCLEX after you complete the program.

    If you do a search, you will likely find the topic of the competency of diploma nurses. Back in the day (and probably still, so don't quote me), diploma nurses lived in dorms, and did 'rotations' at the hospital. They completed many more clinical hours than their ADN and BSN counterparts.

    If you are considering this, and plan to continue your education after, it is not as easy. There are no bridge programs for diploma to BSn, so you would have to challenge anything you did not take in diploma to put you at the level of an ADN nurse (mostly liberal arts, and pehaps some kind of nursing challenge).

    I DID NOT go to a diploma school, so cannot speak from experience. These are only things I've heard from other nurses.