What is a good TEAS score?

  1. im curious what we can consider a good score for the TEAS? I just took mine and I'm wondering what is considered a great score that would be above average and what is that based on for the average?
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  3. by   Montessori Mommy
    I took it in December and got a 91, which turned out to be 99th percentile for the country and the program to which I applied. It was enough to get me accepted!

    Good luck-
  4. by   brwnngj
    I think it depends on where you are located I believe different nursing schools have different standards. At my School it is only necessary to get a 70% on the TEAS for the RN Program and 60% for the LPN program but A friend of mine goes to a school where they required an 80% for RN and a 75% for LPN
  5. by   drdan
    At our school students get accepted into the nursing program based on a points system. The TEAS test is worth up to 50 points depending on your score and another 50 points based on your GPA (all the pre-reqs plus the last 30 units).