What are the best materials to study before entering nursing school?

  1. I am looking into the LVN program at my local community college. I probably won't be starting nursing school until the Fall. Could someone give me a list of places or things to study that would be helpful before I get there? I would really appreciate any information you may have.

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  3. by   NavyWife
    Thats an excellent question. I have been wondering it myself for a while. I grabbed Schaum's easy outlines "Human Anatomy and Physiology" Crash course. I thought it would at least give me some knowledge on it if nothing else. I know to take the RN program you have to identify all of the bones and stuff in the body, but I am not sure for lvn/lpn?!?
  4. by   PhoenixGirl
    Are there any prereqs for your program? My school doesn't have prereqs for the first 2 blocks (afterwards you can take boards to become LPN) but in order to do the 3rd and 4th blocks to become an RN you have to finish the prereqs. So I am getting as many of those out of the way as I can, while waiting to start my first block.