UT Health Science Center San Antonio

  1. I have recently applied to UTHSCSA and wondering if anyone has any information on the School. I have a previous degreee from UT Austin but my overall GPA is only a 2.5 (the cutoff to apply). However, in the last year I have been taking all my prerequisites and have a Prereq. GPA of 3.4. The admissions office has been very encouraging but does anyone know about the interview process or How many people are actually asked for an interview? If anyone can offer any advice, I would really appreciate it. What can I do to help with my acceptance???
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  3. by   amn_carpenter
    Hi Lilly,

    I don't know if you still need any information since the post was so long ago. I applied for Spring of 09. My overall is 3.3 and my prereq is 3.6. I'm sick to my stomach waiting to see if I even have a chance. Did you get in or are you still trying? Best of luck.