Unsure about acceptance to Farmingdale State BSN program

  1. I recently applied to Farmingdale State College's BSN transfer program. I decided to go back to college this year after a 10yr break. I transferred to Farmingdale in January of this year after earning an associate's (and then some) from Suffolk. I wasn't a very dedicated student at 18-19, so my overall GPA is 3.2, with all of the grades for the program prerequistes being A's and B's. I recently took the TEAS test and got an 85.3. I'm really just wondering if anyone here has been accepted to a program like this with similar grades and TEAS scores. Any insight is appreciated. Thank you in advance.
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  3. by   Devon Rex

    According to their admission requirements looks like you qualify just fine for their program. The question is where would you fall on a list of candidates when they rank it by grades and exam scores. Stay positive!

    Nursing Admission Requirements