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  1. i have just purchased the Teas test study guide from the company that puts out the teas test and i have been working through the book, however, i have recently found a website called testprepreview.com that gives sample questions for a bunch of different tests. the questions for the math portion of the teas, including the basic algebra and advanced math, are sooo much harder on this site than in the book. they do not seem on the same level at all to me. im just wondering which review is closer to the real thing. i dont seem to get much feedback regarding this test, so if anyone has any info to share, i would really appreciate it. i have been out of school for a very long time (im 47), so im needing really specific help. its so hard to know where to focus, especially on the math and science portion.
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  3. by   labchic
    I'd be interested in knowing that too. I was given that website by one of the nursing schools in town, and I saw where you could purchase the review book and flash cards (I LOVE flashcards!) but it doesn't say how much they are. How much did you give? If you don't want to tell me I won't be upset, I know it's a nosey question.
  4. by   motherofgirls
    i think i paid 40.00 for the ATI testing review book, which i bought online, but after reading some other threads on the teas i am going to purchase and take the online practice tests also. i have read several times that they were helpful. just go to the AtI website and you will find every thing they offer. i dont have the exact web address, but if you google teas test review, you will find it. good luck!!