Tamucc eline military bsn

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    I intended on applying to TAMUCC eline military and I am completely lost. I feel as though I am missing information. Aside from that, is there anyone else applying (applied) to Fall 18'? I take the HESI A2 tomorrow 22 May 18 and I am beyond nervous. I love taking tests, honestly, but this is one I am uncertain about. I should probably stop reading the reviews of other students! Lol
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  3. by   ecantu79
    That's how i feel, I am working on my prerequisites and I intend on applying for the regular BSN eline program for the fall next year but some times I start reading up on comments and people's reviews and I get discouraged and then I come across some really good ones and give me hope. So I am like I guess each person's experience is different, i will find out when I get there. How did your HESI go?