Studying for the NLN, anybody else? Anyone just take it??

  1. hi. i am just starting to study for the nln. my target testing date is in july, 28th i think.

    my head hurts :spin: from going through all the different books on amazon. i plan on getting the book that the nln suggests at their site, but sounds as though it is not enough. electricity?? vocab harder than book preps your for.

    i've been out of high school for, ummmm, okay, 19 years. i've taken psych, sociology, bio prereq for a&p, eng, and a few others. i need to take my mth this summer and my chem too. i live a little bit north of chicago in lake country, near great america, sorry six flags great america.

    can't wait to hear input.

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  3. by   Batman24
    Hi!! Click this link:

    It is a sticky at the top opf the page with a ton of NLN info in it!! Good luck!! I am sure you will do great!!