Studying for a midterm in A&P II

  1. Help! I am studying for my midterm exam for A&P II, and can't seem to come up with a starting point for answering this question.

    [FONT='Arial Narrow','sans-serif'] A 60 year-old is unable to walk more than 100 yards without experiencing severe pain in this left leg; the pain is relieved by resting 5-10 minutes. He is told that the arteries of his legs are becoming occluded with fatty material and is advised to have the sympathetic nerves serving that part of the body severed. Explain how such a surgery might help relieve this man's pain. Why would this fatty material deposition in the arteries cause pain?
    [FONT='Arial Narrow','sans-serif']Any helpful beginning would be greatly appreciated. (I am going to cross post this in a different topic area as well.)
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