Stony Brook University: anyone waiting to hear?

  1. I'm waiting to hear about the accelerated BSN, anyone else?
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  3. by   SweetGurl
    I am too. I keep checking their site everyday with that solar system website that you view your application with. I can't help it but its killing me I wish I knew something so my mind can be at ease. Waiting to hear from schools, working and taking classes is not an easy task.
  4. by   riethoven
    I am still waiting to hear for the 2 year program. I work as a CNA at Stony Brook so I have gone down to the school of nursing to ask where it is. They told me to come back May 1st if I have not recieved a letter by then. I got accepted to Suffolk as my plan B, but really want to get the BSN at Stony Brook. The wait is killing me, but at least there are only two more days to wait.