1. Hi!
    I was just wondering what the average GPA for applicants at the top nursing schools are. I know many have a minimum GPA of 3.0, but i know that if that is a minimum, then there is an mean GPA higher than that. Any Ideas???what is a good competitive GPA to have? not just in prereqs?
    And what are the best application boosts ??? (ie., volunteering, community involvement ect...)

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  3. by   Student4_life
    Aim for at least a 3.75 and do all the things you mentioned.
  4. by   redhead77
    The higher the better since it seems like a numbers game. Leadership roles, whether at school, work, or in the community always look good on an application. Work experience in the medical field would also help. For some reason, the schools I applied to don't consider volunteering. I volunteered at a hospice agency and because it wasn't a paid position it didn't count. If the schools you are applying to look at more than just GPA then having a little something extra definitely won't hurt. Good luck!