St.pauls school of nursing spring 2019!

  1. Hello! is anyone applying for the spring semester at SPON? , HAS ANYONE RECEIVED ANY ACCEPTANCE LETTER OR CALL?
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  3. by   dt1019
    I applied for Spring start - Queens campus. I haven't received a phone call or an email yet. Still waiting to hear back. Have you?
  4. by   nursetobequestionmark
    I applied there 6 months ago and never heard back. I'd look into other schools if I were you
  5. by   Dive_pathc
    I am applying for Staten Island Campus for spring 2019 - & @nursetobequestionmark Oh man that sucks did you ever call them to check on your application?
  6. by   nursetobequestionmark
    Yeah but they use some third party caller system and I always got a voicemail. I'm at another school now *♀️
  7. by   garnet83
    When are the semesters?
  8. by   Dive_pathc
    January is the upcoming spring semester , Then I believe its May semester summer term
  9. by   garnet83
    Thanks. I guess I'll be trying to apply for the May semester then.
  10. by   Dive_pathc
    Has anyone applying to SPON STATEN ISLAND campus ... has herd anything back yet?