Something to share with those waiting

  1. To everyone waiting for that acceptance letter

    I finished all my pre-reqs for the ASN program last summer. I applied to my school in October for the January program, but I did not get in. I was so bummed. I decided to finish all the pre-reqs for the BSN degree.
    Well...I got my acceptance letter yesterday. Not only did I get into the ASN program, but I was accepted into the concurrent BSN program too.

    I am so excited and a bit nervous too. It is going to cost a bit more, but it will be worth it in the end. I really want to do some specialty so I know I will eventually need a BSN degree.

    I am not writing to get a bunch of congrats, but mostly to let everyone know ---DON"T GIVE UP!!!
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  3. by   SoCaliGirl
    It sounds silly but at this point I'm actually looking forward to the waiting period. It will mean that all the prereq's are over.