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Until now I was a "A" student, but Algebra was kicking my butt. I am happy to report I passed with a "C" Yeah!!!!!:yeah:... Read More

  1. by   deleern
    How much does a doctor make who got C's Verses A's.... the same. Not one employer asked what my grade point average was.

    C's get degrees!!
  2. by   Cilantrophobe
    Quote from wvugirl11
    every question from the test comes from old tests so if you dont have the old tests your pretty much screwed so im happy
    Please clarify
  3. by   criticalRN10
    I'm the overachiever who is retaking the two classes that i had c's in so that my gpa will be higher...haha i didn't have anyting else to do before nursing school started so why not? the sad thing is...i got a's in patho, micro ,ap 1&2, the c's i made were stupid boring classes that i never went to!! they're still just as boring the second time around.