Should I retake a B- class?

  1. I'm looking at applying to UNC and Duke's ABSN programs after I finish up my pre-reqs and graduate from my current college (there is no nursing program here). I've only taken one pre-req (Statistics) and I took it before I had decided on applying to nursing schools. The class was hard for me and I got a B-. Should I retake the class and try to get an A so that, if I do well in all my other pre-reqs, I get a 4.0 or should I not even worry about it? Right now, my cumulative GPA is a 3.8, but I'm a psychology major so I think it's pretty low. I'm just freaking out that I'm not going to be competitive enough to get into such hard schools like UNC or Duke, especially since I've seen on these forums that some people with 4.0's don't even get in.
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  3. by   GaNicuRN14
    At my school they average the two attempts together so it really wouldn't make a difference, that's what my advisor had told me. Every school is different though, I suggest meeting with your advisor to see what they think.