Sac State Spring 20078

  1. Anyone apply to Sac State for Spring 2008?

    I'm waiting patiently, I have a 3.92GPA and a 89.5% on the TEAS. My calculated score is about 85-87 depending on whether they accept my ESL experience in elementary school. I really think I have a good chance, but this wait is killing me. It seems like everything has to be lined up for me to get in. What if I didn't include my HS transcript? What if I left out a transcript?

    *Is nervous*
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  3. by   rayfocker
    Hey, don't worry. You'll get in. I am a 3rd sem. student and got in with a GPA not nearly as high as yours. You sure are in for a ride though.....
  4. by   vixnnet
    Hey ray! I just read your post about picking between three schools you got accepted to. I wanted to reply but saw that it was WAY back in 2006. I am glad you chose CSUS. I am actually applying on Friday for Fall08. My boyfriend graduated from CSUS (with a BSN) in 2005 and he would obviously recommend that school!