procalc exam at pbcc(PASSED)

  1. :spin: hello all just wanted to accounce that i took the nln procalc at palm beach community college today and passed it on the first time. this test is one of the requirements to get into the program, so i've crossed that bridge now the only thing left now is for me to finish my pre-reqs and score high on the NLN exam. im hoping to start the program in august of 2008, wish me luck everyone.:smiley_aa
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  3. by   missjackson83
    I attend PBCC and I'd like to enter the nursing program in August 08. Was the procalc hard? Is there a study guide or website?
  4. by   JustinTJ

    I'm starting there next Fall as well. I still have to the the ProCalc, but I took the NLN in Sept and scored in the 98th percentile.

    This spring is AP2, Micro, and Chem for the last pre/co. Oh joy!
  5. by   wonderbee
    Congratulations! I hated that thing. You haven't seen the last of it yet though. You'll have to take it every semester and it gets increasingly more complex. Use the software to study. In my final semester, I took it 7 times.

    Good luck at PBCC.