1. Hi everyone! I'm new to nursing, I'll be starting in the fall. I guess technically it will be winter because all my classes are pre-reqs except for my one on the history of health care. (sounds so exciting, doesn't it?) Anyway, I'll be taking my PAX-RN soon. Who has taken it? Did you study before hand or just do it? What all is on it? My school provides previous tests to look at, but I cannot access them until half way through fall quarter depending on what my mid-term grade is in a class. (One of my pre-reqs is Chem, which you must pass before you can test)
    I'm so excited, and have found everyone here so nice and helpful! I've read dozens of threads and can say I almost kinda feel ready to start! (not that you can ever be fully prepared:wink2: )

    Thanks for the help!
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