Paramedic to RN

  1. Does anyone have any info on how to do this? Or has anyone done it?

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  3. by   GRUNT0317
    ** Also heard rumor about programs for Law Enforcement & USMC to do this. **.

    Any help with this would be great.
  4. by   danabsn
    Quote from GRUNT0317
    Does anyone have any info on how to do this? Or has anyone done it?

    Clark State Community College in Springfield, Ohio has a paramedic to RN program
  5. by   DelleBrock
    Excelsior college. It's online bridge program for paramedics/LPNs/RT/etc.. My husband is a medic and I'm a LPN student. He Brides over this summer and I bridge over in sept. my friend also graduated as an RN from medic from that same program 3 years ago. Allnurses has an excelsior thread.
  6. by   Miiki
    There a few bridge programs (they give you credit for your certification and let you skip the first semester or two of nursing school) out there. Your main option in most markets, though, would be to enroll in nursing school like other students.

    Paramedic does not equal RN, so you do not get to skip nursing school and be licensed if that's what you are asking.
  7. by   GRUNT0317
    Thank you Dana & Delle. Appreciate the help. =)
  8. by   medic9872
    What state are you in? You may be better off doing a program in your area rather than excelsior. Not all states will accept excelsior grads for licensing. I'm in a bridge program in ga. It's one day a week with a lot of the class work online.

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  9. by   Medic2BE/RN
    I'm getting ready to start the Paramedic/RN Bridge program that our local community college in Indiana offers. It is a year long. It is only offered at 3 campuses, at Ivy Tech Community College and it is very successful.