Nursing School Interview While Really Pregnant

  1. Hi everyone-
    I'm going for my long awaited nursing school interview. I'm hugely pregnant (and very happy about that), but I'm a little nervous about looking "unmotivated" as a result. I already have a large family, so I know how challenging a newborn can be. I'm sure I can handle school, but how to convince the school?

    Any suggestions?
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  3. by   MsMagnificent
    Address the fact that you have a HUGE support group backing up your ever move! That even though you have a big challenge approaching you are well capable of devoting time to your studies. Express your feeling and tell them your goals after completing the program. Keep eye contact and be firm,but most in important speck from your heart! I'm sure they will love you and grant you a seat. The very best of luck sweetie,hoping all the best for u!
    on the new addition!