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  1. I am very confused as to what field of nursing i want to go into. I will graduate school with my BSN in a year and plan on furthering my education. But in what i do NOT know!! Any suggestions?? Please help!!
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  3. by   CEN35
    Your question is very broad and undirectional. Are you reffering to CCU, ICU, SDU, RNF, NH? or administrative duties? Home health care? Be more specific.

  4. by   MollyJ
    Mica, I agree with previous poster, I'm not sure what it is you want, either, but I think your very confusion (or lack of clearness) is your answer. You will need to spend some time doing some generalist nursing before you find out where you want to specialize and since educational endeavours should be built on a clearer idea of what it is you want to increase your knowledge in, I would say you are not yet ready for post BSN education.
    When I graduated from nursing school, the common wisdom was to work some med-surg and get some broad experience and that is what I would urge you to do; that may mean general med-surg, general pediatrics (if you are inclined toward children and families), a long term care unit, a care home (if you enjoy gerontology, a true up and comer if there ever was one...). DO NOT feel compelled to specialize; it will come naturally out of what you do and enjoy doing. A large hospital can be a real benefit in that you can start on a med-surg unit or general peds unit(stay for a year or two to establish you knowledge base and work rep), transfer to an ICU or other department if that works. (You may find that first job is "it." I regard med surg as a formidable speciality...)
    Anyhow, relax! Your first job is not the final word. It is the foundation of your future practice and not indentured servitude where you vow to stay "forever."
    My practice started in a cardiac stepdown unit, to the ED, to a MICU, to ED, public health, case management and now substance abuse prevention (21 years).
    Don't be in such a hurry to get beyond who you are (a soon-to-be new grad). Enjoy and learn from your present reality.
  5. by   peck13
    i agree with mollyj! take your time to find the "right" fit. i was fortunate to have started in a cardiac pcu unit which provided me with a lot of great experiences. now after 12 years, i am finally mature enough as a nurse, that i am going back for my masters. follow your heart and it will lead you to the right location(s).
  6. by   Miss RNC
    Mica, I am a med/surg nurse and think that it is a great place to start to build the vast amount of knowledge that comes after graduating. It offers a broad variety of diagnosis and skills with many age groups. We normally have school age to geriatrics. I mostly see new nurses take 2 paths, either med/surg or maternal/child nursing. Most people prefer one or the other. If you are interested in emergency or intensive care nursing, I still recommend med/surg first. It should help in building your confidence and skill levels to care for those critically ill and trauma pts. Some may disagree with me, but just my opinion. Just lovin med/surg

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