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  1. I'm am currently at a two year community college in GA (Georgia Perimeter College), I want to transfer to a four yr university and be excepted by at least Spring 2008. My question is how to I first go about transferring because I don't know how to? Second, once I transfer and finish all of the pre reqs needed in a 4yr university...should I apply to that university (nursing BSN program) or try to apply to a nursing school or both? I'm sooo lost and your help is greatly appreciated....thanks in advance!
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  3. by   suzanne4
    Four year BSN programs do not have pre-requisites, they are included in the four years. Most schools will have you apply directly to the School of Nursing for admission.

    Suggest that you contact some of the programs in your area for their specific requirements. You will need to apply first to those universities and get accepted and then see what hours that they will accept that you have completed. Please be aware that usually not all hours will transfer, unless that university has a special relationship with the community college.