Lone Star College A&P 2 HELP!

  1. I'm finishing up my prereqs and am currently taking Microbiology and A&P2 at Lone Star College. Due to Hurricane Harvey, the classes were changed from face to face to hybrid courses. I thought I was crazy to take both of these together but I was motivated to get them over with. Now, I feel overwhelmed with both classes but mostly with A&P 2 since I'm also working full time.

    I feel like I don't have any time to study on my own. I'm not totally lost in class but I know I'm not grasping or retaining most of the information. My prof also isn't as organized as what I'm used to (my peers also feel this way) my prof likes to hop through various chapters and not really follow his syllabus/schedule. He's a great prof and very knowledgeable about A&P, he also teaches from a clinical perspective which is why I took him.

    There's no homework or quizzes in the class just exams. I'm extremely nervous and thinking about dropping it and taking it once classes are set to a normal schedule in Fall 2018. Any advise on what I should do? Thank you in advance.
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