Leaning towards dropping my elective...advice needed

  1. Currently in my second to last semester before I can apply to the program! (Finally!) my courses right now are:

    Anatomy w/lab-current grade-A
    English 122-current grade-A
    Algebra-current grade-A

    and my elective, Digital Photography, current grade...C 😫

    I lost my my grandmother suddenly at the beginning of September. All my other instructors accepted my note from the hospital and let me turn items in the following day. While at the hospital I uploaded a photography project to the wrong drop box. She gave me a grade lower because of this mistake and didn't care to see my note-no excuses allowed. I feel like I have a target on my back now. I've gotten full points on all my quizzes but the photography projects that are worth the majority of the grade keep getting graded as "C's"....I have never gotten below an A-. I want to drop and choose a new elective next semester. Thoughts?
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  3. by   caliotter3
    Easy. Drop the course.