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    I am currently going to be a sophomore in the fall at NAU in AZ and I was wondering about some tips for the Kaplan exam. I bought the Kaplan Nursing Entrance Exams Book but I am freaking out because of the math and science sections. I haven't taken math since early high school and the only physical science class I have ever taken was chemistry my sophomore year! I have never taken physics or geology and the book is scaring me a little! I am also not good at math and am super scared I will get all 28 questions wrong. I am a 4.0 student and need to do at least 90%+ to get in to NAU's nursing program! I was wondering if anyone had tips or study materials that they have found worked for them and are willing to pass them along!

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  3. by   2020RN2B
    Check with your school to see which sections will be on the test. At mine, it was just science, writing, reading and math.
  4. by   ashley_futurern
    Hi was wondering how you did? I'm taking my Kaplan next month and nervous!