I love to tutor math!

  1. If anyone thinks math will be the thing that keeps them from nursing school or even if they're wasting valuable time puzzling out a problem, please let me know. I used to teach high school math and I'm never happier than when I'm tutoring.

    I don't check this thread regularly, so PM or email me if you have a question.

    Kenny B.
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  3. by   Christinmomof3nrs2be
    OMG I'm sure I'll really need you next semester, when I have math. Thanks
  4. by   -alice-
    I will DEFINATELY need your help! I have math this semester and next semester
  5. by   contessa
    I just started my LVN program in August and I am in desperate need of Med Math help. Are you familiar with the 'order/stock=quantity' formula? The math lab at my school doesn't know sh*t from shine-ola.