I Got My Letter!

  1. i got my letter today and i got in!!!! i am sooo excited!!!! i just wanted to let everyone know.
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  3. by   nursingstudent424
    Congratulations!!!!!!!! and good luck....I also got my letter last week....I'm so excited yet nervous. My orientation is this Thursday 5pm.
  4. by   Gauge
    Congratulations! You'll be in the thick of it before you know it!
  5. by   love-d-OR
    Congratulations and good luck! This is the beginning of a great journey in your life, so stay positive and strong.

    Oh, and party hard before you start!!!!
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  8. by   jackson145
    Way to go! Hope you love it!
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  10. by   chickapea
    Congratulations! Go get 'em tiger!
  11. by   NSFA08
    congratulations :-)!!
  12. by   jamaicannurse2b
    I just wanted to let everyone know i got my acceptance letter today...for spring 08. I am just so excited.
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  14. by   jamaicannurse2b
    Thank you