I Got In!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Just when I had decided to go ahead with the pre-reqs for the RN Program and apply for the Fall 2008 class, today I got my ACCEPTANCE letter for the LPN program for Fall 2007!!!!!!!!! I did not think I would get in!!

    Due to some circumstances at this time, I am going to go ahead and attend the LPN Program and will be thinking on the RN.


    What a roller coaster ride this has been!!
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  3. by   Lindie
    Fantastic! Congratulations!!!!
  4. by   Jilaweez
  5. by   lovejana22

    congratulations i hope everything goes well and good luck!!!
  6. by   Cherish
    Congratulations!!! Your on you way now. :hatparty: :smiley_aa
  7. by   roxxy3773
  8. by   *Blessed2BaNRS*
    Way to go mamma!!

    Congrats and good luck!
  9. by   starbabyfive
    congratulations!!!!!:smiley_aa :biere: :hatparty: that's great news!!!