I didn't get it :(

  1. not that i'm surprised! my school is done by lottery; there were about 600 names for 44 spots. this was my first time, but i'm not feeling very positive about the future. there is only one lottery a year and the odds of getting in are awful. i feel as though i have worked my butt off for the last 3 years, i have a 3.9 gpa...and for what?? it doesn't help me get in any sooner. it could take years to get in...a friend of mine has applied five times and still hasn't gotten in. grrrrr!!! i just want to be a nurse
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  3. by   lunden
    don't give up, check out some other schools. is this a university or community college? sounds like a university. community colleges at least take about 120 students twice a year giving you a better chance of getting accepted. i applied twice before finally getting accepted at wcccd here in mi. but if this is your passion def. don't give up, hope this helps and i hope you feel better!
  4. by   Calinurse4
    nope, it's a community college. they only take 44 people once a year, which is really frustrating! there are other schools, but this is the only one i can apply to. i have 4 kids under the age of 10 and i just can't commute any farther than this school. my hands are tied! i know it will happen when it's time, but it's frustrating only having one chance a year, with such low odds.

    thanks for the encouragement
  5. by   lunden
    wow, such a low amount. are u sure that this is the only school u can apply 2? the other schools may possibly have something. even a lpn program which is usually only about a year and then you should be able to bridge to a rn program. i understand your frustration. it seems with me it just wasn't my time yet. i used to stress so much about getting accepted, but then i got tired of stressing and retaking over. after my last rejection i said this is it i'm going to reapply and this time i didn't stress, i was very calm and i only called once to see when letters was going out. i just happened to go to the mailbox and there was my letter after i had practically given up. so keep trying every angle so you won't feel as though you wasted a goog gpa, because thats how i was feeling, and that was my biggest fear. sorry for the long post, just know what you're going through.
  6. by   Calinurse4
    Thank you No, I really can't. The other schools are about 45-60 miles away and I just don't have the childcare for 4 kids before and after school, it's just not possible. It will happen one day, I just hate knowing that I'm already 30 and I have so many years ahead of me before I can work, KWIM?
  7. by   Sand_Dollar
    I am really sorry! During your wait, can you take other classes so you can continue on to a BSN if you want to?