How was a&p II?

  1. I have to take it this fall, thankfully with just one other class. How is it honestly?
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  3. by   andreams
    My professor for a&p 1 explained it as a lot more interesting than a&p 1. He said it is stuff one would actually want to know, so it is easier. Personally though I don't know because I'm taking it this summer.
  4. by   zoe92
    I found it harder than A & P 1. It is less straight memorization & more understanding this process, which is interesting but harder.
  5. by   Everline
    It was slightly harder than A&P I, which seemed to have a lot more straight memorization (like muscles and bones), while A&P II seemed to have more processes to learn. I had the same excellent teacher for both, which I am thankful for.