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I am in A&P 1 for the first time this semester. 90% of the class is taking it for at least the second time. One lady is in there for the 4th time! No disrespect intended, but how many times do you... Read More

  1. by   AggieQT
    Apparently I was taken the wrong way. Then again maybe I wasn't...

    There is a BIG difference between someone who sits in the back and talks or comes in late to class and interupts than someone who is taking the class for a second or third time. Someone who is taking the class for the first time can inturrupt the class just as much as someone who is taking it for the second time. My point was to not just lable all people who take the class over as lazy or not caring or whatnot. I retook it because I got a B the first time. My fault was in that I had a surgery midsemester and missed several daily assignments and labs which I could not make up. Yes a B is a VERY good grade, but just doesn't cut it around here for admissions. I also sat next to a woman that was taking it for the third time because she had a really hard time comprehending and remembering the material and though she had failed the first time, made a B the second time, she still felt she couldn't remember the material and was taking it the summer before she started nursing school to refresh her memory.

    As for my comment on nursing school admissions factoring in the fact that someone took it two or three times. I feel as though you misunderstood me. I meant that they will factor it in NEGATIVE light. Not a positive one. That is honestly my bad for not being clear on that. I took the chance when I retook A&P that it would look bad to admissions people, in fact I called up several of the schools around here before I did and they said it was up to me. On application information to the schools in my area they make it plain and clear that they do not like repeat courses. It was my choice however and do not want to be judged as a horrible person for bettering myself.
  2. by   juicy_jade
    Well, basically you implied that what the other people were doing was none of my business and got defensive about people that retake A&P 1. Apparently, my original post was taken the wrong way. Good luck on your endeavors.
  3. by   energizer
    I took one full year of A&P and that is all. There is a long waiting list for many schools. Some people need to stay in classes to be eligible for insurance coverage by their parents. So repeating classes to get a higher grade and more credits while still being eligible for insurance is the ideal thing to do for some people. Higher grades does get some people into nursing programs quicker.
  4. by   smk1
    Quote from NikNik
    I've seend this same statement posted so many times and have questioned it. Here in St Louis, many schools require a minimum of 2.5gpa for community college and 2.75 for universities. One of the best schools here - Maryville - with a passing rate of 95% requires a 2.75. They don't pick the student with the highest gpa. They pick the students on first come first serve basis with having met the minimum requirements. I personally feel just because I don't have a 4.0 doesn't mean I won't be a good nurse. Just because I have a 2.75 doesn't mean I am a bad nurse. It's all about the hard work and dedication you put into the program. Either way, you still take the same NCLEX as everyone else. You either pass or fail.

    Again, just my thought.

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    I can't speak for your school, but out here, the minimum required GPA may be 2.5 or 2.75 or even 3.0, but that doesn't mean that ANYONE with those stats is going to get into the program. Those stats just mean that anyone not meeting that standard is ineligible for consideration. At my school the minimun GPA is 2.75, but no one under 3.7 ever gets in and most times you need 3.9-4.0. GPA is weighted heavily as is science GPA.