How can I do this????

  1. My new semester starts tomorrw and I am taking college algebray, 2 history classes, and my second biology. After this semester I will only have 3 classes left before I can apply to the program and those clsses are AP1,AP2, and Micro. However that would take at least until fall for me to complete since AP2 requires AP1 and Micro requires AP2...any suggestions on how I can knock out these last classes before fall? I was planning on taking the AP classes over the summer. Isn't there a waiver or something. Please help I would really appreciate any and all suggestions.LeAn
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  3. by   ♑ Capricorn ♑
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    My new semester starts tomorrw and I am taking college algebray, 2 history classes, and my second biology.
    Is this Biology class a prerequisite to taking A&P and Micro? Because, if it is then I don't see how it would be possible. You can discuss it with your school advisor and let him know what your plans are for the Fall, it won't hurt to try.

    I wasn't required to take a pre-biology class before I took my A&P and Micro. I realize every school is different and has their own way of doing things. But, I'd suggest speaking with someone at your school so you can better plan your pre-nursing education.

    Good luck to you.
  4. by   nylady07
    I'm not sure where your located but you can check to see if other schools in your area allow you to take micro after taking AP1 and then you can take AP2 at your current college and Micro at the other at the same time. I live in NYC and there are a number of schools that allow someone to take micro after taking AP1. It wouldn't be at taken at your school or be included in your GPA but it would save time. You can take AP2 and micro in the summer and they would be completed for the fall. Hope that helps you!
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    No the Biology isn't a prereq for AP and micro. In Georgia you need 2 different Bios (1107 and 1108) so I'm starting my 2nd one tomorrow. I didn't want to go to my advisors because I sort of feel like they should've warned me of this what was the point of all those meetings and scheduled advisement sessions???(that's what I feel like telling them) Instead I'm at the end and now have 3 classes that I basically have to take one semester at a time Thanks for the advice