HESI or NET comming up?

  1. Anyone intersted in having study group session for HESI or NET test?
    Motivation in group is the best!

    Also, if anyone knows about any study groups or review session in my area, pls let me know.

    I live in Houston, but it doesnt matter where you live, it is always nice to have some feedback relating this.

    I will post the names for good review books

    Good luck for all test takers!
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  3. by   novak87
    Did you find anyone to study with? I'm hoping to take the HESI A2 test in July. I'd love a study buddy if I can get one. I'm worried since I have to have at least a 95 on it to even have a chance to get in.
  4. by   violingirl
    I'm taking the NET May 5th, and the HESI May 11th. :-S Nervous already... and not really sure how to study. Last test I took I placed into trigonometry for math, and got every single reading question right. I guess I'll just go to the library and get their books for nursing entrance exams and do lots of practice problems.