Help please? Need a health care topic for a paper.

  1. Can anyone think of a good topic that I can search on? Time is precious so I was hoping someone might have a good idea to save me some! Basically I was just told I need to do a paper on an article with a Health Care subject. If you have any ideas, I'm sure I can find an article . . . if you have an article, so much the better . . . thanks for any advice!

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  3. by   PurrRN
    I did a paper on the upsurge of insulin resistance. Found alot of information on the internet involving affected populations and such. It was a pretty cool subject.
  4. by   whitecap1
    it is usually easy to find articles about personal protection or lack there off. Things like how many nurses follow universal procautions and wear gloves when incontact with patients. Or, what does the latest evidence show about how often to wash your hands...teachers love this stuff too becuase it is such a basic part of health care that so many of us could do better with.