help me decide which route to take

  1. Hello Everyone,

    I'm finishing Microbiology and A&P 2 by mid December and already have a B.A. degree in another profession (Information Systems). I will be applying to two nursing schools with hopes of getting accepted for Fall 2019.
    Should I play it safe and apply to my local community college for an ADN? This would be a fall back plan just in case the two Universities don't accept me. I'm afraid of being in a waiting pattern and want to have a plan B.
    Moneys tight and I'm hoping to stay in my home state which is why I will be applying to two Universities, however I can add my local community college to the list. Am I wasting more time going for the ADN with the possibility that the hospital would cover the BSN?
    All input is greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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  3. by   Etak
    Depending on the impaction in your area, I'd apply to all choices. It's easier to turn down the lesser choice than wait until deadline passes and realize it was a mistake not to apply.
  4. by   HalfBoiled
    Apply to all you can. I took student loans because of job stability.