HELP!!!HESI Entrance A & P withou having taken A&P

  1. Hello,
    I ahve to take the HESI entrance A&P exam and I have not taken A&P yet. DOES ANYONE have any hints, suggestions on where it is best to focus?? Any clue on HOW DETAILED they get in the A&P portion??
    I have had medical terminology, and have had SOME exposure to anatomy in my micro class as well as a nursing class of mine, but I HAVE to pass this HESI failing it is not a choice!!
    ANY HELP will be more than I have now!!


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  3. by   kat von b
    hey tray,

    there are a few hesi threads if you just look back a few pages where myself and lwilson and a few others have given really good feedback as to what is on the test. get the study guide if you haven't already. good luck!!!