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Hello, Everyone I just took some placement test to see where I stood before I took prereq classes and did very poorly :o . I feel very disappointed in myself. I would hate to start taking prereq... Read More

  1. by   Slappy
    Don't give up or get discouraged so easily... focus. If you really want it, then get it no matter what. a few quotes i live by:

    ...................."There is no failure, only feedback"....................

    .."You don't drown by falling in the water. You drown by staying there"..
  2. by   firstaiddave907
    Quote from balutpinoysabutuan
    a determined person will always conquer almost everything.
    Thats a very good point
  3. by   RebeccaJeanRN
    I can tell you so many stories of people who are becoming nurses despite so many adversities (cancer, sick parents to care for, no support at home, children's schedules, etc.)- and I also know of one student who's family kept telling her the same thing as yours but she is doing it despite ENORMOUS personal sacrifice (she gets A's but has to put in two times the effort of everyone else in order to do that). I could bore you and everyone else with about a hundred stories like these, that attest to the power of the will to overcome all odds when the desire is strong enough.

    My grandmother used to have a saying that I heard over and over again like a broken record : Where there's a will, there's a way. Now I understand! Its simply amazing what we can achieve when we simply will not take no for an answer!
  4. by   Leopardspots85
    I didn't do good on my pre-reqs either.I started ten months ago with eng 03
    and mth03. I am glad i took them because they refreshened my mind and I learned new things. i even took bio 01 to make sure I knew my stuff. If you want to be a nurse bad enough do whatever it takes.