HCC's pre acceptance MATH TEST

  1. I took the pre acceptance math test last semester for entrance into hcc and failed it. I was told that it was intermediate math to ensure you could manage dose calculations but when I got there there were abbreviations and some dosage calculations involving i.v. drugs. If I had know that there were going to be abbreviations on a "math" test I could have refreshed myself on those in a matter of minutes. But I was completely unprepared for the iv calculations. I noticed that when I walked into the test that most students had the same review sheet. Any idea where they got this?!? I took pharm at Lonestar too and they don't have this math test that HCC requires. Also, anyone know when the next one is scheduled? I have been talking to Modesytica at the office and I don't know if I can trust that she's going to email me to alert me to the next test date. This is the ONLY thing standing in my way of admittance. Help!
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