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  1. Hi there! Technically a pre-nursing student here. I've taken all the prerequisites at a local community college. I have 2-3 classes to take that are non program specific before all I need to complete are clinicals/program specific. However the program at the CC is extremely competitive. (1000+ applicants with less than 75 seats each semester.) I still plan to continue there and try my best to get in, but looking into other options as a back up. Harrison is intriguing because they also offer their own BSN so I wouldn't have to worry about credits transferring somewhere else. I'm having a difficult time finding any info on the nursing program though so I wanted to reach out here before I ask for info from them. I'm in Indiana if that matters for any of these questions.

    1. What is the cost per credit hour or class? I've found general numbers on tuition, but I have many credits that may be accepted there from the CC already so I feel those numbers would be an over estimate for my situation.

    2. Is it a wait list or limited seat situation like the CC? Or more of a direct admittance? I feel there may be less applicants than the CC since it's a much smaller school and more expensive. Understandably, I could be wrong though.

    3. I see Harrison is ACEN accredited. Are there other accreditations I should look for? I've seen that some schools, including my current one, is also HLC accredited. Is that necessary?
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