Grayson County College....

  1. I am taking my pre reqs at Grayson County College and I am not to familiar with the professors. I was wondering if anyone knows who is good to take for A & P 2 and Microbiology.

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  3. by   wyotech
    I to am at GCC and in RN program.. i took A&P 1 this semester and sat in on williams classes right before i had Butlers classes, kinda a double lecture a few times and she (William)brings her classes down to laymens terms and easier to understand.Butler is nice and good teacher but very terminology in her lectures since she help write the book. i will be taking Williams lecture spring 09 on tues and thurs shes awsome and easy,her test are on her notes and power points. i had Carpenter for lab. i may take her again not sure. Hope you did good this semester.
  4. by   wyotech
    just wandering how your classes turned out, and are you a nurse now.