Gadsden State Fall 2018

  1. Hi! Is anyone here applying for the nursing program at GSCC for the fall?
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  3. by   RHIT2RN
    Yes, I did! I chose Cherokee nights as my first option, and really my only option at this time... so if I don't get in this time, I will try again next year.
  4. by   ealangley
    I applied. What were y'alls points?
  5. by   RHIT2RN
    40 pts
  6. by   ealangley
    Do you know what last years cut off was for fall?
  7. by   RHIT2RN
    Quote from ealangley
    Do you know what last years cut off was for fall?
    No, I sure don't. There might be an older thread with that information... I haven't really looked. How many points did you apply with?
  8. by   ealangley
    My points are 32!
  9. by   LPNTO2RN
    The vm says the expected wait time could be up to 2 months?!?!
  10. by   Absurrett
    I applied with 33 points because my math class didn't transfer.. I'm so nervous to find out. We should know in 2-4 weeks!
  11. by   southernsun
    Applied with 39 points
  12. by   cdb11190
    Has anyone gotten anything from Gadsden yet?
  13. by   Absurrett
    Nothing yet..
  14. by   LPNTO2RN
    At first, the VM stated 2 months but now has changed to the EARLY April (which will still be 2 months?!?!?). I guess since they are only accepting once a year now for ALL nursing programs is the reason for it taking so long.........
    On another post, it said you could tell if they had pulled your transcript. Has anyone seen "nursing dept" under the request for a transcript?