FRCC Spring ‘18 Westminster

  1. Any other accepted members for the Westminster program starting this Jan? How are you feeling about starting in two months??
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  3. by   kylieanne78
    Did you get your schedule yet? I am about to apply for the nursing program at Westminster this semester... what was your pre-recs score and your hesi? I may have 10/15 on the application. What was yours? And do you know if 10/15 is competitive enough?
  4. by   ColoradoMrs
    Sorry for my late reply. To be honest I don't think 10/15 is enough. I personally had 14 points and most I spoke with had at least 13. My Hesi was 88 cumulative. I just had my first day today at school and the schedule is quite full time mondays through thursdays. Good luck with everything!