Does anyone attend Tidewater Community College?

  1. Just wondering if anyone here goes to my school.
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  3. by   Jen51699
    Sorry but no...I go to Blue Ridge CC. I was going to take an online Soc class there though but I will be taking it online through Danville CC instead. Anyway, just want to tell you good luck this semester.

  4. by   TRINI_RN
    I go to Tcc. Virginia Beach campus.
  5. by   Princess74
    Quote from Nursecadet
    I go to Tcc. Virginia Beach campus.
    I think its just the two of us lol.
    So how was A&P, thats what you were taking right? What are you taking this semester?
    I am taking Eng 111, A&P I, and Yoga.
  6. by   TRINI_RN
    Yeah, I took API last semester. I had Homsi, I just love her. I'm taking her again. I'm taking AP II, Micro, Cpr, and Orientation to Healthcare. I am trying to get into a Yoga class but they're full:imbar . Oh well. LOL
  7. by   Glimmer
    Not TCC but I am across the water that TNCC