Do I have a chance of getting into nursing school?

  1. I will be applying for nursing schools after I graduate with a BS in May 2019. I have a 3.0 gpa for my major, and a 3.4 prereqs gpa so far. I am planning to buckle down and raise both before applying. I have a C in A&P 1 and 2, as well as in chemistry 1. I took all three at Texas A&M and they were beyond brutal. I also have a B in NUTR and Lifespan psychology. My questions are: Will retaking my A&P's and lifespan psyc online benefit me? And do I even have a chance at any nursing schools? I'm planning to apply to West Texas A&M and a few others.
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  3. by   Sour Lemon
    The answers to your questions will vary based on the admission criteria for each specific school. Many programs have a substantial amount of information online. You might also consider calling to speak to representatives of each of the programs you're interested in.
  4. by   Lucy48
    Some of the schools/nursing programs in NYS you can not retake A&P1.