Direct Entry Programs: BC or MGH?

  1. HI-

    I just sent in my applications to BC and MGH's Direct entry programs. I'd love some speculation on what my chances might be. I had a 3.5 gpa with a BA in lit back in '96. I've done statistics, A&P I and II and Devel Psych for pre reqs (Still have orgo and micro to take) and got A s. GREs: Q:580 V:710 Writing: haven't heard yet.

    I'm currently a stay at home mom- former HR manager. I volunteered at a hospital for this past year working with an interdisciplinary group on a cardiac care initiative. I"m going for maternal child health specialty.

    Anyone have any info on these two programs- was accepted, went through them or know someone who did?

    Thanks in advance!

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