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  1. Hi all,

    I'm applying to both CSU_Pueblo and Beth-El accelerated nursing programs. I don't live in Colorado right now, so I don't have much information on either besides what's on the websites. I'm moving there in August and would like to know a few things such as:

    Pueblo - What would the commute be like from Colorado Springs? Especially during the winter. I live in Northern VA/DC area right now and can deal with traffic, but not so sure about driving in a lot of snow. Also, I see that Pueblo students haven't done so well in terms of NCLEX testing, is there anyone here that could shed some light. Say, maybe from one of the previous graduating classes. Do you feel as though this was the school's fault for not preparting the students as well or the individuals? There is obviously something wrong. What do hospitals say about Pueblo nursing students?

    Beth-El - Is this program extremely competitive to get in? What do hospitals say about Beth-El's students? How are students accepted? GPA? Interview? Essay?

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