CNA program

  1. So I'm about to begin my CNA program through my community college (MCC - Penn Valley in Kansas City, Missouri.)

    My final exam is on September 6th. I have never felt more excited and nervous at the same time. But I'm ready for it! (:
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  3. by   captain_serenity
    Walk in like you own the place. Confidence is good. The first thing you do is your hand washing skill. LOL. It's not rocket science, its basic care giver skills. When I tested, I had to perform 4 skills. First handwashing, brushing a residents teeth, range of motion, and taking a residents respirations. If you studied your material and paid attention with your clinical parts then you should be fine. Good luck to you kiddo!
  4. by   lakencassady
    I totally agree confidence is key! I became a CNA at the age of 16. I am now 18, and I am starting LPN school this fall, my CNA work has helped me so much in getting accepted to Lpn School!